Walton Priory Middle School

A warm welcome from the headteacher

At Walton Priory we aim to provide a first class education for our children by expecting the highest standards of achievement and behaviour. In the last few months we have invested heavily in this vision by:

  • Creating a leadership team with the skills and expertise to drive standards even higher
  • Developing our classrooms to become excellent learning spaces
  • Recruiting Teaching Assistants with bespoke skills and frequently of graduate status
  • Tracking pupils’ progress and academic standards more frequently
  • Updating our rewards system to ensure all children are motivated and keen to succeed
  • Bringing in new staff with a high level of training in e-safety and inclusion
  • Reducing class sizes to an average of 24 in Years Five and Six

A large number of our pupils have obtained ‘Beacon’ status by being resilient, resourceful, reflective, respectful, responsible and by collaborating and participating positively with their peers.

We look forward to working with you and your child.

Lindsay Taylor-Potts BA (Hons), MA.