Walton Priory Middle School

A warm welcome from the headteacher

The school has worked hard to develop a vision and identity based on what we believe is working well for us all. The mission statement ‘Creating tomorrow’s role models by combining traditional values with futures thinking’ sums up the direction for the school. We want Walton Priory pupils to retain the strong values that the school established in 1974, which were:

  • Work hard
  • Respect each other
  • Look after the environment

However, in an ever changing world, we also want to prepare all our pupils for careers in tomorrow’s world by providing the best opportunities for developing skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). We plan to capitalise further on this agenda by engaging more local businesses to work with us. As part of this vision to improve learning opportunities with technology, we intend to install plasma screens in each classroom for teachers to use. This is a significant investment for the school, but will help to ensure that all pupils engage with first class 21st century learning. We will also be replacing the outdated technology used for discrete computing lessons.

This is an exciting time for Walton Priory as you will be aware. We are looking forward to welcoming over 150 Year 5 pupils in September into 6 classes. Our new build should start at any time. We now have the funds required to install lockers and we hope this will be done during the May half term holiday.

Lindsay Taylor-Potts BA (Hons), MA.